Litter Picks is an easy way to market and manage your litters.  We pre-screen all interested breeders and want to keep a community of breeders committed to responsible breeding practices and the health and longevity of the breeds.  To apply to use our site, please fill out the registration form using the link below.  We will review your application and let you know if and when your account is active.  From there you can easily create your own Breeder page with info about you, your location, awards, certifications, policies, terms and conditions, and even your own photo gallery. 

From the Portal, you'll also be able to add new litters, edit or delete existing ones, view Pick Deposits and Pet Applications made, contact purchasers, and chose how you want deposits to be paid to you.  Keep track of all your litters, applications, deposits, pick order, and customer contact info in one place.  You still have full control over who you sell you pets to.  You have the ability to accept or decline pet applications and deposits.   All transactions are still between you and the purchaser.  Litter Picks is just a way for you to advertise your litters, manage deposits, keep track of picks, and communicate with purchasers all in one place.

It's all very simple, secure, and best of all FREE!