Our mission is threefold...

1) Simplify the process of connecting breeders with people searching for a new pet. Our goal is to create a nationwide portal showing current and upcoming litters. Searches can be made based on breed type, location, and breeder rating. Save favorite litters, breeder and receive alerts when new litters are posted.  Shoppers and breeders can communicate directly through the Litter Picks contact system. Breeders can also easily send puppy updates, photos, videos to purchasers from the time the pups are born until they go to their new homes.

2) Create a marketplace built on customer reviews. We want dog breeders to be held to high breeding standards and practices. One effective way to do that is allow purchasers to review breeders based on first hand experience their kennel and their dogs. We pre-screen breeders before giving them access to our site and remove them if their reviews are not positive. Popular online marketplaces like AirBnB, Amazon, and Ebay are trusted because of their use of user reviews. We want to build the same level of trust with Litter Picks reviews.

3) Provide a simple and secure means of collecting Pick Deposits and Pet Applications. Both are collected online and sent directly to the Breeder for review. The Breeder maintains full control over the sale of their litter and can decide to accept or reject each Pick Deposit made.