What does it cost to use Litter Picks?

NOTHING!  Our site is relatively new and we just want people to use it.  As dog lovers/owners, we recognized the need for a website that would put breeders in direct contact with people looking for their next puppy.  There are other sites out there, but none that allow the litters to be listed by breeders and pick deposits made securely online.  Not only does it make puppy shopping easier, but breeders can now list their upcoming litters for free, set prices on individual picks, keep track of deposits made, and communicate with purchasers directly about picking up their new puppy.

I'm a breeder and want to list my litters.  How do I do it?

Simply fill out the breeder registration form with info about you and your breeding practices.  We try to select breeders that are committed to responsible breeding practices and that care about both the integrity of the breeds and the pets themselves.  Our litter pick team will then look at your new registration and approve your account.  Once that's done, simply log in and start adding your litters.

What is the difference between the "Pick Deposit" and the "Amount Due at Pickup"?

A "pick deposit" is the amount a breeder sets on each puppy to be paid immediately to secure your pick of the litter.  For instance, a breeder may specify that the first pick female has a deposit price of $200, the second pick female a deposit price of $150, and so on.  That deposit is paid directly to the breeder from the secure website.  Breeders can specify how they want to get paid--the most common is PayPal.  Purchasers can use their credit card to pay for their pick deposit.

The "amount due at pick up" is the additional cost to be paid directly to the Breeder when the puppy is picked up.  Most often this is paid by check, but some breeders may accept credit cards as payment when the puppy is picked up and taken home.

I see a litter listed, but there is no way to purchase a pick.  How come?

When a breeder lists a litter, they specify when those litter picks will be available for purchase.  If you don't see a "Purchase this Pick" link, it is most likely that the picks aren't available yet.  The availability dates will be shown on the listing and if you want to get one of the first picks, check the site when the picks go live!

I have questions about the breeder and the litter.  How can I get my questions answered?

There is a "Contact" button on both the breeder page and the litter pages.  If you have a question, you can contact the breeder directly from the Litter Pick site.  Breeders may often also list their phone number, email address, or their own website address (if they have one) that are other ways you can make contact.

Do I have to pay for the Pick Deposit right away?

Yes.  When you purchase a litter pick, you will be taken to your "shopping cart" showing the pick that you are purchasing the the cost.  Your shopping cart will show you available payment options specified by the Breeder.  Examples would be PayPal, echeck, etc.  You will chose the option you prefer and taken to a secure site for payment processing.  Payment is made outside the Litter Pick website and no payment information (credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc) are seen or stored on our site.  Payment is done by third party secure payment processing.

What if I pay my Pick Deposit and then change my mind prior to picking up my puppy?

Each Breeder has their own terms and conditions.  Please check with their cancellation policy prior to purchasing.  Most breeders want happy owners and by no means want to sell a puppy to someone who doesn't want or isn't able to care for it.  You'll find that most Breeders are understanding and will most likely give at least partial deposit refunds.

What if I purchase a Pick Deposit and don't like any of the puppies when I go to pick one out?

If you purchase a pick and show up on picking day and don't like any of the available puppies, just let the breeder know.  Most breeders will use the "WaitList" feature on their listings so will have a list of other interested purchasers.  Some breeders will refund the deposit and others will give you a pick of a future litter.  Check the "Terms and Conditions" of the breeder for their specific policies.

As a Breeder, do I have any way to reject a purchase?  What if I don't feel good about the people that want one my puppies?

You have every right to not accept the deposit.   Interested purchasers fill out a short Pet Application before paying the deposit and this information goes directly to the breeder to review.  The breeder can then chose to accept the deposit payment or reject it.  If it is rejected, that pick goes back to active on the litter listing.  In addition, most breeders will send a  more detailed "New Owner Information Form" to the people that make deposits to get more information about them.  If for any reason you do not feel good about the purchaser, you have the right to cancel the pick and to return the deposit.